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10 Changes to Expect in the Third Trimester of Your Pregnancy

22 Jan 2021
10 Changes to Expect in the Third Trimester of Your Pregnancy

Coming into your third trimester, you’re getting a little used to the excitement mixed with anxiety, all the nausea in the morning, being careful with your food intake, diet plans, and yes, you’d probably also think your belly can’t get any bigger. But actually, at the last leg of your pregnancy timeline, this is when your belly will grow even bigger. A whole lot bigger. From your baby’s final stages (yes, we’re almost there!) of body development to the last stretch of the physical discomfort you will be experiencing, here’s what to expect in your third trimester,  just one last trimester right before you finally meet your little one! 

The Third Trimester

As mentioned, your little one will grow from approximately 2 ½ pounds and 16 inches long in week 28 of pregnancy to being 6 to 9 pounds and 22 inches long in week 40. Given that your baby is growing fast, expect that his limited space in your belly will cause him to kick a lot more. 

Your Baby’s Milestones in the Third Trimester

1. Bone Development

In the third trimester, months 7 and 8, your baby will transform cartilage to bone. We recommend that you fill your diet plan with calcium-rich foods since you will be your baby’s source of calcium.

2. Hair, Skin, and Nails

Your baby’s skin will develop from thin and see-through to finally being opaque. By week 36, fat will continue to accumulate as your baby will shed his/her vernix and lanugo. The vernix is the waxy substance that serves as your baby’s protection from the amniotic fluid. Lanugo is the hairy layer that keeps him warm.  

3. Digestive System

At the final stages of your pregnancy, meconium (baby’s first feces), will consist mostly of blood cells, vernix, and lanugo -- will begin to build up in your baby’s intestines. 

4. Five Senses

At weeks 29-30, your baby’s touch receptors will have been fully developed. By week 31 of pregnancy, your baby will already be able to recognize signals from all five senses! Meaning, being able to differentiate lightness and darkness, getting a share in the taste of what you eat, and listening to the sound of his/her mom’s voice.

5. Brain  

By your last trimester, the brain of your baby will develop even faster, already trying out some functions like blinking, regulating own body temperature, and even dreaming!

By week 34 of your pregnancy, your baby’s body will position itself southward, head-first position. There will be a tendency also that your baby will remain in a stubborn, breach position. Should this be the case, your doctor will have to attempt a manual repositioning of your baby at week 37.

Changes in Your Body  

6. Abdominal achiness

  As the muscles surrounding your lower abdomen stretch to accommodate your growing baby, you may tend to feel cramps and/or sharp pain. 

7. Braxton Hicks contractions

Prior to the actual labor, you will experience irregular contractions. This is your body’s way of preparing for labor. 

8. Lack of bladder control

Given all the extra weight on your uterus, it will also be pushing on your bladder. This would call for more frequent trips to the bathroom. 

9. Leaky breasts 

As your body warms up to breastfeed, it would be natural to experience your milk leaking

10. Varicose veins

Due to the extra blood you need to be pumping, your veins will be more evident than usual. But no worries, if you didn’t have varicose veins prior to your pregnancy, these will disappear after you give birth. 

You’re finally at 3/3 of the trimesters of pregnancy and all the symptoms may be wearing you out. But stay hopeful and keep your eyes on the reason why you’re bearing all these symptoms in the first place, your little one is arriving soon! 

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