10 Early Symptoms of Pregnancy: Are You Finally Expecting?

Nov 16 , 2020


10 Early Symptoms of Pregnancy: Are You Finally Expecting?

Mood swings more often than usual and feeling exhausted every other day? These are some symptoms of early pregnancy that can be easily brushed off as another tiring day. Before you test positive on your pregnancy test there are some symptoms that could mean that some of the tiredness you’re feeling could be because of a tiring day but a little more because of pregnancy hormones. Some of the symptoms could already be experienced as early as week 1 of conception and some could be likened to discomfort or fatigue experienced when you’re about to have your period (or should we say, your first missed period?). So while some lines are blurred, let’s walk through some indications that would clearly point to the exciting news that you, in fact are expecting!


1. Missed Period 

If you have your period regularly, missing your period is one of the early (if not the most obvious) signs of pregnancy. There are cases for some expecting moms to have what they would deem as a light menstruation but is actually implantation bleeding. This light spotting occurs near the schedule of your next menstrual cycle as well, so most women have a hard time differentiating it from their regular period.

2. Exhaustion


Without doing much physical activity, you will notice feeling more tired than usual. This is because your body still consumes energy for building a placenta, your baby’s life-support system. This is internally draining and draws out energy from soon-to-be-moms a little more every passing day which is why most women can’t explain where their exhaustion is rooted from. 

3. Sensitivity to Smell

What was once mild and untroublesome scents to you may now be unpleasant. Your heightened sense of smell is one of the early indications and definitely a sign that you could possibly be pregnant.

4. Nausea or Morning Sickness

Yes, movies portray pregnant characters right, a lot of morning sickness will be experienced. According to the American Pregnancy Association, common triggers of vomiting during pregnancy include changes in hormone levels, these hormones slow down digestion which causes indigestion, heartburn, and acid reflux  all resulting in vomiting.  


5. Food Aversion

Given your already heightened sense of smell, you may also be a tad bit more picky in your choice of food. This will also most likely contribute to your morning sickness. This is also an early pregnancy symptom and may even be experienced over food you were once fond of. See photo above for some healthy advice from us in helping make morning sickness and your food aversion more bearable!

Mood swings: We know this doesn’t exactly right your mood swings but we do believe a gentle reminder wouldn’t hurt!


6. Mood swings

The combination of both your hormonal changes and the overall anxiety of being a first-time mom causes expecting moms to experience mood swings. These mood swings can manifest themselves as early as 4 weeks into your pregnancy. While you may not be able to explain the cause even to yourself, it is completely normal. 

Breast changes are a necessary preparation for when this becomes your future baby’s daily mantra!

7. Breast changes

The hormones estrogen and progesterone will cause your breasts to be tender and swollen. While this does indeed bring discomfort, this experience of tenderness is also your body’s preparation for the milk-making to come when you enter into the next stage of motherhood where breastfeeding becomes part of your daily routine. 

8. Frequent urination

We have yet another thing to thank hormonal changes for, and that is increased urine production. This early pregnancy symptom is due to hCG, a pregnancy hormone, that increases blood flow to your kidneys aiding in efficiently ridding your body of waste. So while this is a hassle due to the frequent trips to the toilet, it really is a good thing! To add to this, according to Richard H Schwarz M.D., as your uterus grows and stretches to accommodate your baby, it also adds more pressure to your bladder making pee o’clock more frequent. 

9. Bloating

Yet another symptom that can be misread for a pre-menstruation heads up is bloating. Given that it’s an early sign, it’s not necessarily associated with the baby but more because of the hormone (yes, hormones again) progesterone. Progesterone slows down digestion to allow the nutrients from the food you consume more time to enter your bloodstream and nourish your baby as well, causing the bloated feeling. 

10. Raised Basal Body Temperature 

This means that your body temperature when you’re at rest is higher than usual. This symptom however, is not easily identified. Some use a basal body thermometer to keep track

Most pregnancy symptoms develop early within expecting moms. Some even before they experience their first missed period. While the common symptoms like having tender breasts or being sensitive to scents already develop a few days after conception, some symptoms take a little longer for some women than usual. Some women may even experience very minimal symptoms while others experience them all. 

Confirming if congratulations should be in order would be beneficial for you so you can get the best possible care for you and your baby right away! The most accurate way to determine that you are actually expecting a baby on the way is to take a pregnancy test and  set an appointment with your OB/GYN.

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