Breastfeeding Stations Around the Metro

Aug 10 , 2020


Breastfeeding Stations Around the Metro

Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City

      This nursing center has three large rooms! From Central Square, head towards 7th avenue and Pancake House and then look for the mosaic on your left! Go for the hallway right beside it and enter the family lounge.


Each station has comfy chairs with electrical outlets and curtains for your privacy. It also has a sink, soap, and tissue, and a diaper-changing area station. You can also bring your stroller inside all the way up to the breastfeeding station!



Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City

     Not only does it have a separate ladies’ room and breastfeeding station, BUT it also has a family lounge! You can leave your family to entertain themselves with the free Wi-Fi and television in the room.



The breastfeeding station has its own diaper-changing station and a curtain for privacy. Al sink is also available for handwashing along with some soap and tissue.


The Podium, Mandaluyong

  Breastfeeding rooms in most SM Malls are usually adjacent to the clinic and near bathrooms. This breastfeeding station also has a waiting area so you can proceed inside the closed-off station to breastfeed. Inside are three comfy chairs with curtains for each. Along with an outlet and a small table. Hot water and refrigerator are also available in the clinic. They do advise that diaper changes are made in the bathroom rather than in the nearby sink.

Shangri-La Plaza East Wing, Mandaluyong

    Have you ever seen a breastfeeding room that’s so poshly designed? The breastfeeding room at Shangri-La would give you a condo vibe. It has no partitions nor cubicles but has a sink (with a heater), mini refrigerator, and two couches for use. Visit them at level four!



Central Square, Bonifacio Global City

    Just like the fourth one, this nursing lounge offers no division and privacy. It has one big couch and a small rocking chair. The only partition it has is at the one end of the room with a diaper-changing table. There’s no light in the closet though.




Estancia Mall, Capital Commons, Pasig


   The breastfeeding rooms are located in each of the two family lounges on each wing of Estancia. Each family lounge there’s one central lounge area and two smaller rooms. One for PWD use and the other for breastfeeding and diaper-changing.


Ayala Center Greenbelt 5, Makati

The breastfeeding station is located at the family lounge on the fourth floor of Greenbelt 5. Check for trees on the wall as they’re your markers to check if you’re near! There are two curtained-off areas for breastfeeding and inside is a bathroom and a diaper-changing station. This area is spacious enough to even fit a stroller inside!



Photos by: Regina Layug Rosero

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