Are You Finally Experiencing Labor? Labor Signs to Watch Out For

Apr 14 , 2021


Are You Finally Experiencing Labor? Labor Signs to Watch Out For

With all your trimesters finally over, your baby’s finally coming out soon! Your due date has come and you may still not be too sure if you are actually in labor. Either you are mistaking everything as a sign that you are actually in labor, or your symptoms look so much like all the other discomforts and experiences you have had in the past three trimesters that you deemed them normal. 

Every labor experience will be different, from the number of hours to the symptoms experienced. Being prepared to look out for the different indications that you are indeed in labor should be helpful for when you are finally experiencing it. Remember, this is your last few experiences with your little one in your womb. You will finally be able to hold him/her in your arms!

Here are ten labor signs you’re most likely to experience when your body is preparing for delivery: 

Labor Signs to Watch Out For

  • Contractions
  • Days leading up to your delivery, your cervix will begin to open up. This process of 

    dilation will differ per person. There’s no need to be worried when your

    cervix opening is a bit too slow or not opening at all. With this, you will be feeling discomfort and start experiencing regular contractions every five to ten minutes. Even months before laboring, you will already experience contractions called Braxton Hicks. Braxton Hicks contractions are different from labor contractions. The labor contractions to watch out for increases in pain and occur more frequently as time progresses. Braxton Hicks contractions often ease up after a while. 

  • Looseness of joints
  • One pregnancy hormone called relaxin, causes your ligaments to loosen. Before going into labor, you will feel that your joints are more relaxed. This will actually be to blame for the clumsiness you will be experiencing. Part of your body’s natural way of preparing for delivery is loosening your joints, opening up your pelvis to make way for your baby’s exit. 

  • Easier to breathe as baby begins to drop
  • This is when your baby will begin to position itself at the bottom part of your pelvis. This descent usually happens as early as two weeks before labor. If this isn’t your first pregnancy, it will usually happen during labor itself. As your little one moves a bit lower, pressure on your lungs will lessen and you will begin to feel like you have an easier time breathing. 

  • Feel more cramps and back pain 
  • As your labor nears, you will constantly experience pain in your lower back. Your 

    body will be naturally preparing for delivery. This will cause your muscles and joints 

    to shift in anticipation of your delivery. 

  • You may experience diarrhea 
  • Due to the relaxing of a lot of your muscles, your rectum will also loosen up which can cause diarrhea. This may already be something you experienced in the early stages of your pregnancy and is definitely a hassle. But remember to stay hydrated! 

    Diarrhea During Labor

  • Feeling more tired than usual or quite the opposite, a burst of energy! 
  • While this may be something you experience literally throughout your entire pregnancy, it’s going to be a little harder to get a good night’s sleep when you’re about to experience labor. This is because of the body pain and constantly having to go to the bathroom. Do everything you can to make yourself physically comfortable. 

    On the other hand, some moms may also experience a burst of energy called the 

    nesting instinct. This gives mothers the urge to organize everything in sight in 

    preparation for their coming baby. 

  • Loss of mucus plug and change in color and consistency of vaginal discharge
  • The mucus plug serves as the seal for your uterus from the outside world. Either all at once or in small amounts, you will lose your mucus plug. Some may not catch sight of it before losing it, while some lose it before actual delivery. Moreover, a few days before labor you will be experiencing increased pink vaginal discharge. This is nothing to worry about and is simply indicative that labor is nearing! 

  • Your water broke! 
  • Contrary to movie depictions, your water breaking is not the first and only thing you experience that indicates you’re about to go to labor. The signs discussed all occur before your water breaking. In fact, your water breaking is the last you will experience. 

    Labor Signs to Watch Out For

    It’s completely fine to still be unsure if you are indeed going into labor. By this time, you would already have an idea on when your due date is and are already prepared with your hospital bag. Call your doctor right away when you are already experiencing these signs of labor even when you’re not completely sure. Likewise, be sure to call your doctor when you experience the following: 

    1. Your vaginal discharge is bright red
    2. Your water breaks and it’s colored brown or green. The color may be because it's

    mixed with your baby’s first stool which can be dangerous should he/she ingest it during birth. 

    1. If you are experiencing blurred vision and a headache, you may be suffering from pregnancy-induced high blood pressure and would require medical attention. 

    With all these noted, you’re finally about to meet your little one — while there are mixed emotions we’re sure one of them is excitement! From pregnancy until their growth, the No Compromise community will be here for you every step of the way. 

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